BRAnDING & marketing ADVICE

Are you clearly
your brand? 
Is it to the right audience?


Can you tell me in one succinct paragraph what you brand is? What sets it apart? How does it look and 'sound'?

You might say yes, but then come unstuck. Often, businesses can communicate services and products, and perhaps understand intrinsically what their brand is, but crystallising that to a guiding narrative and brand identiity that shines through in marketing and digital content is challenging. 

Let me help draw that information out to find and put down your brand voice, the distinct personality that makes your brand what it is. 

A lot of practitioners offer advertising advice and execution, press release writing, content copy, but if you do not have a clear brand voice and marketing objective, you are pushing a cart without a horse. 




I work with organisations to find their brand voice through workshopping to:

  • Identify and agree on a business vision/mission
  • Fortify the brand attributes - your unique selling and emotional propositions, as well as practical assets that set you apart
  • Your look and feel - from tone, words and language to font and colour
  • Distil these words to phrases and  sentences that describe the brand
  • Translate this to digital content


This is the next step after you've truly cemented your key brand positioning. 

I will create a well-defined, tailored brand strategy to support your business objective, whether that is growth, changing perceptions, or getting more attention (these usually work hand in hand, by the way). 

Marketing strategies that I have created for businesses have given them the tools to reach objectives, including the best practical and strategic tools to execute them, and the documentation to do so.

In most cases, I have managed and executed these plans, and in some instances, I have provide a set-up plan to get businesses going independently.