Let the words do the
work for you.


Good copy is key to your digital marketing strategy, or in plain speak to get a good perception and impression of your brand via your website, sales collatoral, pitch sheets, social media and advertising. 

It's not only web copy that is crucial to keeping a visitor browsing through your site, but the information provided, the way it is written, how accurately it matches search terms, and how it underpins your brand look and feel. 

So, it's not as simple as writing A B C. 

As a journalist, and content writer for more than 25 years, I'm not only an experienced and respected writer, but I keep up to date with content trends, ensuring copy remains engaging for an ever-busier, more discerning audience, and is optimised for search engines. 

As well as digital content copy and copywriting, I write press releases and feature articles for my clients that are published in traditional and digital media. 

Clients I currently write blog copy for, or have written for:

  • My own blog – Mygoodemporium
  • Tearfund – Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Fashion
  • Conscious Consumers
  • Consciously Living
  • Queenstown Insider
  • ThisAdultingLife
  • Pioneer Finance
  • QJumpers

I have also researched and written advertorial for:

  • Archipro
  • QT Magazine for Milford Galleries
  • Trends 

I have written copy for brochures and guides including:

  • The Remarkables
  • Coronet Peak
  • Mt Hutt
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