crisis communications

Have a plan in place for when things hit the fan.


Crises do happen!

It might be a catastrophic error in news dissemination, an incident at work, a leaked story about a sensitive issue, a proactive recall. 

This is the one form of communication we prefer to ignore, yet it is perhaps the most important. 

I can work with you to develop an iron-clad crisis comms plan with a step-by-step workflow to support you in periods of organisational strife and negative attention. Having the support of an experiences PR consultant during crises is a huge relief, especially when staff (their family) and the press are knocking on your door, but you have operations to tend too. 

I can handle press enquiries during your crisis, and write and execute statements. 

I have advised and dealt with numerous incidents, including fatalities in workplaces, throughout my advisory roles for large health organisations and risk leisure activities. 

 This highly specialised skill requires level-headedness, experience and confidence.